Spice up your Warm-Up Sessions with this Guitar Trick


This article is offered by Christophe Maerten, Artistic Advisor at Guitar Pro.

What could be more useful for warming the hands and sweeter to the ear than a finger unfolding exercise? You’ve probably all come up against this exercise before:

Guitar Pro 6 Tutorial – Seven step diatonic mode method


This tutorial is submited by Stephen Souza. 

Rather than simply provide the completed GPX file in the following tutorial, I decided to offer a hands on approach. This way you learn by actually following along with me each step of the way. You will not only learn how to notate the seven diatonic modes you will also be learning how to use Guitar Pro 6 as well. Think of each step as being a bite sized lesson that I call a “lesson bite”.  I like to break things down into manageable chunks so to me lesson bites make sense.  When we eat, we take small bites and chew food in order to help the digestive system break it down.  Similarly, lesson bites are small bites of information that you digest a little bit at a time to help nourish your musical mind.