The new Guitar Pro 6.1.9 update is now out. The main improvements offered with this version regard Chinese simplified translation and crashes at startup for Mac computers with no serial number.


To mark the release of his new guitar method, Lars Schurse has prepared a guitar lesson inspired by the Rockabilly style. Download the tab to learn the trademark licks of guitarists such as Brian Setzer or Danny Gatton.


Luca Stricagnoli, the new recruit to Candyrat Records we already featured on the blog, is unveiling a new brillant cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses. He has done us the great honor of giving us an extract from the guitar tab. Download it for free now.


Have you ever thought about teaching guitar lessons? Maybe you need to make some extra money in your spare time. Perhaps you really enjoy helping others and you’re looking for a good way to make a difference in their lives. Or you might simply be bored with music and you’re looking for something a little more fulfilling to do with your skills.


TesseracT, the Prog Metal geniuses from the UK, are dropping their new album “Polaris” on September 18th. Amos Williams just sent us an email yesterday to share his playthrough video and tab for their debut song “Messenger”. We thought it would be great to share this great material with you guys. Hope you’ll enjoy it! :-)