Sus Arpeggio Sequencing Lesson by Derryl Gabel


Derryl Gabel is offering you an intermediate/advanced lesson based on the pentatonic scale. The following exercices will breakdown some spefic arpeggio sequences for you to underline the “Sus2″ and “Sus4″ tone in your Jazz/Rock guitar licks. Hope you’ll enjoy this one!

Fusion Guitar Lesson by Mike Salow


Mike Salow isn’t your ordinary guitarist: his impressive technique, his expert skill in many styles (jazz, metal, fusion) and that feeling of ease that emerges when he picks up his instrument all bear witness to this. Today, he is offering you the chance to learn a fusion track from his own range, so you can work on your vibratos, arpeggios and slides this weekend!

How to create a “Radio” type sound in Guitar Pro 6?


You may have already been wondering what settings you need to use to produce a “radio” type sound in your tabs. The effect, which can be heard in the intros to tracks such as the “The Power of Equality” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and “Bat Country” by Avenged Sevenfold, is actually very easy to reproduce!

Lesson – Signature licks by Al Joseph


Al Joseph is back on track with a brand new legato lesson. Let’s learn 3 signature licks from the most famous Metal/Fusion guitarists this time. Free tab and backtrack to download in the article. To your picks!

Lesson – Legato on guitar by Al Joseph


Al Joseph grew up listening to the great masters of legato guitar playing: Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Marco Sfogli… He has put together a video lesson to help you develop the technique and incorporate it into your playing.