Guitar Pro Update for iOS 8


On September 17, Apple introduced its new iOS 8 operating system for the latest generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iOS 8 was subject to a sound issue for users of the Guitar Pro application. To fix this bug, please install the 1.6.5 update of Guitar Pro, made available this morning on the App Store.

Learn to Play “Boogie Shred” with Mike Dawes


Acclaimed finger-picking guitarist Mike Dawes has put together a great lesson for you to learn the chorus to his classic song “Boogie Shred”. Download the Guitar Pro tab extract transcribed by Mike himself in the article.

How to Play “No Boundaries” by Michael Angelo Batio


Doug Marks, the creator of “Metal Method”, has teamed up with Guitar Pro to offer you exclusive guitar lessons from one of the greatest legends of Shred music: Michael Angelo Batio. In this first extract, learn to play the intro of the title “No Boundaries” from the well known educational DVD: “Speed Kills”.

Discover the “Ragtime” Guitar Playing with Ton Van Bergeyk


This article has been presented by Jérémy Cauliez, transcriber for

The Boogie Dance is a composition by Ton Van Bergeyk, Ragtime and Picking specialist. This version of “The Boogie Dance” is unusual because of the tuning necessary. You will have to go down a scale with E, B, D, G, D, A and one and half scales with low E. This method of tuning will add colour to your music that will remind you of the old saloon pianos that were never well tuned.