Guitar Pro 6.0.9 RELEASED

Improved management of your RSE (Realistic Sound Engine) soundbanks:

-   Search engine integrated directly into the soundbank-management interface
–   Possibility to insert a soundbank change in the middle of the track

Check it out!

How to proceed to the update?

At any time, you can install the soundbanks by way of the Guitar Pro 6 Updater utility.

– On Windows and Linux: menu Help > Launch Updater…
– On Mac: menu Guitar Pro > Launch Updater…

Details of the Update

* [added] New user interface for soundbank selection, by way of an integrated browser.
* [added] Integrations of RSE soundbank changes and/or pickup changes into the track.
* [added] New lossless compression algorithm for the incoming soundbanks.
* [added] MacOS- 10.7 Lion support.
* [Fixed] Stability issue on Windows Vista.
* [Fixed] Symbols and fingering for pick upstrokes and downstrokes can be placed on tied notes.
* [Fixed] In Jazz, C time signature was invisble.
* [Fixed] Undo (Ctrl+Z) did not restore second voice.
* [Fixed] A crash was possible when using multi-voice editing.
* [Fixed] Snare did not consider brush playing style.



  1. Arne Wangen

    One change I personally would love to see in a future upgrade of the soundbanks (if at all possible) is the ability to change the level of distortion on the overdrive and distortion versions of the guitars.
    For my use, I mostly find them too screaming/garbled.

  2. Jon

    it seems legato slide playback (using RSE, at least) has been slightly broken by this update.

    also, are there plans to fix (well, enhance) MIDI export? that is to say, having ghost notes and accents affect the resultant MIDI note velocity. this has been bugging me for a while.

  3. adrien

    Hi Jon,

    We have just fixed this morning the legato slide playback. Regarding midi issue, we will work on it for the 6.1 Guitar Pro version. Thanks.

  4. lik

    Hi guys,

    on the Mac version there are still some glitches and bugs … are they fixed in 6.0.9?

    – When in full-screen mode you can never see how long your song is (minutes) and have to find out, that you have to turn OFF fullscreen mode to see the important bottom bar. THerefore you can’t really use the (cool) fullscreen mode when you need those informations:

    – Every time a doc is opened the tracks are gone. To see them again you have to go to VIEW > Tracks (at least thats my translation, see screenshot ) and turn them OFF TWICE. Then they appear again.

    – Is there anyway to generally switch GP6 to full screen mode with Vertical Score View? It’s kinda annoying to turn this on time and time again for each and every document.

    – GP6 still crashes several times a day without autosaving any of your work … :-/

    Apart from that: cool thing!

  5. adrien


    We fixed some bugs in v6.0.9 like legato slide effect. BTW, thank you for your several suggestions about fullscreen mode. I would like to know more about your “score view” idea, what do you mean here? I foward your features to development team. Thanks.

  6. Cafon

    Hello, Can you please tell me if its possible to Transpose a tab and the chords
    will transposed too? Or vertion 6 is still like version 5 “not transposing the chords”


  7. adrien

    Hi Cafon,

    For sure, just an example to explain it: if you tab an E with a standard tunning and then you turn down your guitar in Eb, your E chord will be transposed in F position but will stay an E chord regarding notes. Hope this helps.

  8. Jeff


    With this new update, I’ve been having a few issues with the MIDI files on the soundbank (RSE off).

    -When I tried extracting the MIDI files for each instrument in my files, I found that all of the sounds have been mixed up to different instruments (i.e instead of extracting the file with ‘String Ensemble 1′ set, it plays ‘String Ensemble 2′; instead of ‘Orchestra Hit’ it plays ‘Trumpet’, etc.) I hope this can be fixed in the next update.

    -When I extract the MIDI file from my project, I find that when I play it back, the notes that are tied will not play at the given moment it is played. This has existed for a while so I was wondering if it can be fixed as well.

    -In further updates, will it be possible to extract a MIDI file while the tuning fork is in use? I’ve been wanting to extract files at a different key, but every time I try, the file is always extracted in its original key.

    Thank you for your time. I love this program, and it is very useful for choral music. :)

  9. Lu

    I have been having issues with GP6.0.9 crashing whenever I try and open a file ever since I upgraded to OSX Lion. Have there been any other reports of this? I am wondering if it is something on my end.


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