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Defect Designer is a technical Death Metal band originally coming from Siberian part of Russia. The band has already released a full-length album called “Wax” and has made a long way to record it getting to “Hertz Studio” in Poland (where bands such as Behemoth, Decapitated and Vader produced their own albums).


PV NOVA is the kind of unconventional artist you gotta like. Using humor as much as he does music, he offers on his Youtube channel some “Musical Experiments” that are, to say the least, both astonishing and instructive. You may now discover his latest videos accompanied with free-to-download Guitar Pro tabs!

Cameron Allen, fusion guitar style at its best

Cameron Allen, winner of the international Next BendNote Talent Competition 2012, is now part of the Guitar Pro family! Discover and learn “Jackknife on a Hairpin” tablature taken from his debut Fusion album “Between the Lines”. Check this out, it’s totally free!

GP6 Lesson – Improve your sweeping with Jarle Olsen

Have you always dreamt of mastering the Sweeping technique? Of adding musicality to your technical exercises? Of parting from the usual minor/major patterns on just 3 strings? Guitarist Jarle Olsen has the solution and proposes to practice a Sweeping study pulled out of his latest album. Get to your picks.

Franck Graziano, frenchy rocker

Arobas Music is very pleased to announce that guitarist Franck Graziano has joined the great family of artists using Guitar Pro! Download the tablature for “Gordon Street” and learn to play it in Tapping style.

Inophis, first Guitar Pro artist in China

The Arobas Music Team is proud to announce that talented guitarist Inophis has joined the great family of artists using Guitar Pro! Discover “No School”, a music score pulled out of his first solo album, and learn how to master his game. On your menu tonight: legato, slides, and some furious bends!

Insomnium’s latest tab, free to download

The Finnish band Insomnium are releasing their new album One for Sorrow in Europe, and take the chance to share their latest riffs with us. The tablature score of “Through the Shadows”, their first single, is available for free download.