Legendary Riff #14 – Are you Gonna Go my Way by Lenny Kravitz


This week, we rediscover a classic riff from the 90′s with “Are You Gonna Go my Way” by Lenny Kravitz.

Legendary Riff #13 – Highway to Hell by AC/DC


We’re ending our chapter dedicated to AC/DC’s riffs with the famous “Highway to Hell”. To your guitars!

Legendary Riff #12 – Kashmir by Led Zeppelin


After offering you Whole Lotta Love and Immigrant Songa few weeks ago, we couldn’t resist bringing you the riff from Kashmir for our “Legendary Riff” feature.

Spice up your Warm-Up Sessions with this Guitar Trick


This article is offered by Christophe Maerten, Artistic Advisor at Guitar Pro.

What could be more useful for warming the hands and sweeter to the ear than a finger unfolding exercise? You’ve probably all come up against this exercise before:

Legendary Riff #11 – Fade to Black by Metallica


A ballad performed by metalheads? Incredible isn’t it? This week, learn to play Metallica’s “Fade to Black” in our Legendary Riff feature.

Guitar from Outer space – Third and Fourth Arpeggios


Hi Humans! In this lesson, we are going to make arpeggios made by a stack of thirds and fourths.

Legendary Riff #10 – Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.


We are returning to the guitar basics this week with the famous riff from “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. Beginner guitarists, this one is for you! :-)