Learn to play Game of Thrones’ Theme on the Acoustic Guitar


The 4th season of Game of Thrones has made its debut. Never been so excited about keeping up with the story? Completely hooked? And do you just never get tired of the epic theme tune at the beginning of each new episode? … After all, it is fantastic that piece. Well that’s good, because Kenny Serane has come up with an exclusive arrangement of the tune for you on acoustic guitar! :-)

Fusion Guitar Lesson by Mike Salow


Mike Salow isn’t your ordinary guitarist: his impressive technique, his expert skill in many styles (jazz, metal, fusion) and that feeling of ease that emerges when he picks up his instrument all bear witness to this. Today, he is offering you the chance to learn a fusion track from his own range, so you can work on your vibratos, arpeggios and slides this weekend!

Neoclassical Time – New Tab by Inophis, Free to Download


Inophis, a true icon of a guitarist in China, is returning with his new album this month. To celebrate the release of ‘Duality’, why not learn ‘Virus’ on the guitar? To all those music amateurs who like both classical and metal, this one is for you!