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Inophis, first Guitar Pro artist in China

The Arobas Music Team is proud to announce that talented guitarist Inophis has joined the great family of artists using Guitar Pro! Discover “No School”, a music score pulled out of his first solo album, and learn how to master his game. On your menu tonight: legato, slides, and some furious bends!

All over the world

Inophis is a French guitar player with a growing fan-base in China. A true hero in a country where the guitar culture has been developing, this eclectic musician takes in influences from a great many various styles — rock, metal, classical, jazz, funk, or even Celtic music. Whether he plays with the band Merzhin (as in the Bobital festival, touring Rumania or Spain) or playing solo, he always enjoys feeding his music with his traveling.

Born in French Brittany, Inophis is currently taking his China Tour to the big cities to play his album Beauty in the Chaos and support his signature instruments designed by the brand Farida. He remains very attached to Brittany, his native land, and he travels back and forth between Shanghai and Brest so he can teach the guitar there.

His projects include, he tells us, the release of a guitar-playing handbook, toward the end of 2012. We shall make sure to tell you more as soon as we get more information about it.

The score

No School (free download)

No School
, a song written in D, moves from catchy melodies to virtuoso technical passages. The main theme resorts to slides and bends to give more cachet to a simple melody, and it leads you to work new assets of your guitar.

Precision and timing will be your true allies as you play this part. Beware of the series of slides on measure 20, and of the proper timing for the bends/releases of measure 22.


From measure 19 – “Lead Guitar” track

Dear shredding friends, look for the soaring legato awaiting you on the 87th bar. Work slowly to your metronome, identify each group of 16th notes to make sure you keep in time. What will ensure your neat rendition of this line here is your clean muffling of notes with the palm of your right hand (or left-hand palm if you are left-handed). Make sure you attack each string so you give the needed impulse to the hammer-ons/pull-offs following.


Measures 87 to 90 – “Lead Guitar” track

Do you feel ready to take up the challenge? We wish you good luck, and hope that you will enjoy playing this song. Please do share your interpretations of “No School” on the Arobas Music Facebook page. To your guitars!


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