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Download for free “La Marseillaise” tab, metal version

Download for free “La Marseillaise” tab, metal version

We are very pleased, on this French National Holiday, to offer you an exclusive arrangement of “La Marseillaise,” the French national anthem. For all shredding and instrumental music enthusiasts out there, this is surely a version you’ll enjoy!

The tablature

La Marseillaise-Inophis.gpx (free download)

The video

Composed and interpreted by Inophis, a French guitarist we once introduced on these pages, this song showcases technical prowess: tapping, vibrato, sweeping — it has it all. Enough to impress your guitar buddies this week-end!

About the author

Inophis is an artist whose fame has been growing in China. A true icon in a country where the guitar culture is on the rise, this eclectic musician absorbs influences from many genres — rock, metal, classical, jazz, funk, and even Celtic music. Whether he is playing with the band Merzhin with whom he has regularly worked (Bobital festival, tours in Romania and Spain), or playing solo, he likes to feed his music with his journeys.

Discover all of his compositions on his Youtube channel and follow his news on Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy the tab, and keep in touch!

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