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Guitar Challenge for good cause with guitar gods

Guitar Challenge for good cause with guitar gods

Don’t miss this incredible guitar contest supported by amazing guitar players all over the world including Joe Satriani, Frank Gambale, Guthrie Govan, Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Morse, Andy James, Paul Gilbert, Hedras Ramos, and many others.

This competition raise awareness and funds for men’s health and well-being. By purchasing either a T-shirt or guitar pick, buying “Don’t You Tell Me Not To Play Guitar” from iTunes, or even just donating a small amount directly, you will be contributing to combating prostate cancer and depression, as all proceeds will be going to the EJ Whitten foundation and other supporting charity organisations.

Huge promotion for an artist

This challenge is a chance for young and undiscovered artists, to have your name placed into rock history by performing with the artists who support the contest. Eight guitarists from around the world will be selected. One winner from the following grouped regions: USA/Canada, the UK, Japan, South America, China, Asia/India, Europe/Middle East, and Australia/New Zealand/Africa/Oceania. The winner’s video will also be featured in the official film clip and each winner of the 8 regions involved will take home a brand new guitar!

How to enter?

Please visit the Epic Guitar Solo website to enter the contest and get ready to improvise your own epic 8 bar solo over the 8 bar backing track provided by the contest organizers. The contest started August 16 and finalists will be announced October 16.

To follow the contest, visit its Facebook page and YouTube channel, and use the hash tag #epicguitarsolochallenge.

Good luck!


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