10 guitar rythm strumming patterns

Playing the right strumming pattern with the right feeling on guitar is not an easy task at all! In this article, discover where to start and how to get better at it. Then practice these 10 rhythm patterns from great pop songs. Let’s go!

In this article, Aaron Matthies from Guitar Gear Finder will show you how you can use Guitar Pro 7.5’s chord library to work towards mastering the fretboard.

If you are looking to improve your improvisation skills on the guitar, here is a lesson by guitarist Alan Iarussi explaining what are triads and why it is important to learn and master them when improvising. Download the Guitar Pro files of the exercises and practice them with the videos and Guitar Pro 7.5.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you’ll find something to enjoy in these 15 intro riffs. Download the intros of Hysteria, Psycho, supremacy and more. Let’s make some noise!