How to play blues guitar

These essential tips and exercises will get you started on your blues journey. Playing blues from the beginning of your learning process will allow you to improve your rhythmic and solos, improvise easily, and discover new techniques. Get 7 days of free access to the interactive scores in the new Play Guitar Hits application to practice the Muddy Waters song.


One of the coolest things you can play on a guitar is power chords. They’re also one of the easiest as they require the least finger strength of any guitar chords. These two-note treasures (which aren’t really chords per se as much as they are bottoms of chords) are so simple in fact that they’re sometimes referred to as “cheater” chords.

how to play power chords on guitar

This power chord guide will help you understand, play and have fun with maybe the most useful and essential chords you need to know when learning the guitar. Download the power chord pdf guide with charts and diagrams to learn more about the shapes, the fingering, and the positions on the neck. Practice them with the tabs of hit songs using powers chords like “Smells Like Teen Spirits” and “Eye of the Tiger”.

Meet this astonishing fresh and funky young trio whose videos have gone viral on Instagram. Learn funk guitar technique tips and a super cool funky riff composed by one of the guitarists of the band.

Dan from Your Guitar Academy invites you to play an easy and fun solo for electric guitar in the style of Clapton. The main objective of this lesson is to give you an overview of the techniques and tricks used by Clapton during his Cream period. Pick up your guitar and let’s get started!

In this lesson, Jeff will show you how to use relative major and minor pentatonic scales for soloing and improvisation. You will be exploring all the pentatonic shapes across the neck which will free you to improvise without being tied to a root position shape. 

So, you have the tab in front of you, maybe you’ve lined up a great video tutorial. You are ready to master that guitar part! You dive in, but after a few minutes things still don’t sound right and your dream of owning that riff or solo starts to fade. What can you do? Is there a faster way to go from zero to performing that guitar part with confidence?