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Neogeofanatic is a self-taught guitarist who acts as one of the teachers at Guitar Part magazine. As well as his teaching talents, he’s become a real YouTube star with his demonstrations of equipment and his guitar courses. Today he’s offering you a free lesson on how to play the theme from the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ on the guitar. Enjoy!


Rob Scallon is a talented guitarist who has built a solid fanbase on Youtube. Unlike many virtuoso guitarists who are reluctant to share their guitar-playing secrets, Rob does like to pass on his tricks and techniques to as many as he can. He is proposing here to teach you one of his pieces blending together arpeggio and Delay.

Cameron Allen, fusion guitar style at its best

Cameron Allen, winner of the international Next BendNote Talent Competition 2012, is now part of the Guitar Pro family! Discover and learn “Jackknife on a Hairpin” tablature taken from his debut Fusion album “Between the Lines”. Check this out, it’s totally free!

GP6 Lesson – Improve your sweeping with Jarle Olsen

Have you always dreamt of mastering the Sweeping technique? Of adding musicality to your technical exercises? Of parting from the usual minor/major patterns on just 3 strings? Guitarist Jarle Olsen has the solution and proposes to practice a Sweeping study pulled out of his latest album. Get to your picks.