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New Riffs please! We know that you’re always searching for new riffs to get inspired or improve your technique. That’s perfect timing because we’ve designed a new pack including 20 riffs from legendary songs for you. Enjoy!


Camp Jam is the nations largest day and overnight music camp for young musicians ages 11 to 17. Write songs, play in a band, record, make a music video, play covers and perform a live concert! Special artist masterclasses, workshops and concerts are part of the jam packed week of learning and fun.


One of the coolest things you can play on a guitar are power chords. They’re also one of the easiest as they require the least finger strength of any guitar chords. These two-note treasures (which aren’t really chords per se as much as they are bottoms of chords) are so simple in fact that they’re sometimes referred to as “cheater” chords.