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[Blues Guitar Licks] A solo in the style of Clapton

Dan from Your Guitar Academy invites you to play an easy and fun solo for electric guitar in the style of Clapton. The main objective of this lesson is to give you an overview of the techniques and tricks used by Clapton during his Cream period. Pick up your guitar and let’s get started!

[GIVEAWAY + CONTEST] Celebrate Christmas with music

Enter now to get a chance to win many cool prizes like Guitar Pro licences, Play Guitar Hits free codes, one-year subscription to mySongbook.com and many more! Download the scores of the top 5 Christmas songs for the Justin Guitar video contest.


Chris Mike, the Greek guitarist, is a heck of a guest. The kind of musician who gives you a sudden urge to quit your instrument and start playing chess. Today, he is giving us the immense honor of offering you a free extract in .gpx format of the “Wake Up Call” track.