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New Guitar Pro 7.5 user guide available

A new edition of Guitar Pro 7.5 user manual is now online! This more illustrated and detailed version contains complete lists of keyboard shortcuts, of signature sounds, and a list of all the modelized amps and effects.

New video tutorials

Pursuing our ongoing effort to make life better and easier for our users and fans… We are happy to announce the release of two more video tutorials, in our series meant to guide you if you discover Guitar Pro 6, or help you if (like Bono) You Still Haven’t Found What You Are Looking For in our User’s Guide. Or if you just prefer video to paper.

Tutorials for the masses

Stephen Souza has been one of our steadiest supporters for quite a while, now. He runs the page Progressive Musician, and we have been in touch with him, endorsing him as Guitar Pro has become one of his most vital tools. He is the only person behind the website, but it is developing, and he has informed us of the changes he has brought to his approach.